Frequency Analysis

I am using the latest, non-optical frequency analyzer on the market. Eliminating the optical sensor eliminates one more possibility for error when it come to analysis. There is no industry standard for shaft flex, what is X-Stiff for one company may only be labeled Stiff for another. The only way to know for sure is to put them on a frequency machine and count the cycles. These cycles can change throughout the life of the shaft as well. It is just as important to know the frequency of the shafts that you love as it is for the ones you don't quite get along with. If you think your set is perfect the way it is get those frequency numbers now so they can be duplicated in the future! Have your set checked for matching and see what can be done to make your whole bag more consistent.


new club construction

This is when frequency matching really shines. When you match your shafts before you build them you are guaranteed to have the most consistent set possible. 



Swingweight Analysis

This process is as important as frequency and loft/lie adjustment, and the technology dates back much farther. As with the other steps this is all about finding a consistent balance point in your clubs. When they are all the same you have more confidence in your tools and that translates to lower scores. Adjustments can be achieved by adding weight during construction, adding weight to the head or grip end after construction or even drilling within the heads (like on some wedges) to remove weight.




Loft / Lie Adjustment

If you bought your clubs off the rack the odds are very slight that the lofts and lie angles were what they were supposed to be. If you bought them custom set up the odds are low that they are still what they should be. Aggressive swings, frequent use at the range, hidden obstructions on the course and even an occasional tumble can cause the forged clubs of today to change slightly... sometimes even more than slightly.  It is important to check them regularly to be sure that your distances aren't inconsistent. I have also made adjustments like bending my 4 iron stronger to compensate for not carrying a 3 iron. The options are limitless but checking is key... last time I had my full set done the 8 iron and 9 iron were only 1 degree of loft apart. Imagine what that can do to your overall confidence!



New Club Construction and Repairs

It is always important to have the proper tools for the job you are doing. By stocking my shop with quality tools for the trade you can be assure that  your clubs will be accurately and professionally adjusted, repaired and constructed. I want you to feel like your clubs were treated with the care and respect that you yourself would treat them with.



Loft/Lie - Mitchell Steelclub Signature Angle Machine

Swingweight scale - Golfworks Analogue Scale

Frequency Analyzer - Auditor Reference Frequency Analyzer